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Cloud Scripting provides almost unlimited possibilities for environment management, allowing to automatically tune its settings, adjust topology, implement events handling and a lot of more. Having a pool of scripts with such basic actions prescribed can speed up the new projects development and become a basis for more complex automation solutions.

Below we provide a bunch of categorized CS examples, divided by sections with simple standalone operations, add-ons for existing environments and complete ready-to-go solutions. You can use them independently or examine and adjust scripts to create your own packages.

Operation Examples

The following list contains examples of some basic environment management procedures, which can be subsequently combined to implement more complex solutions and application lifecycle pipelines.

Name Description
Automatic Vertical Scaling Optimization of Nginx Balancer workers number based on allocated CPU amount
Automatic Horizontal Scaling Setting triggers for server horizontal scaling based on load
Application Clustering Building highly available and scalable clustered solution for WordPress
Migration After Cloning Automatic environment migration to another region after cloning
Create Environment from Script Simultaneous creation of two identical environments in different regions
Install Add-on within Environment Manifest Manifest template to create an environment and attach Public IP as an add-on
Mount Data from Storage Mounting directory from Storage node to application server

Add-ons Examples

Use pluggable add-ons to easily extend functionality of the already existing environments without the necessity to reconfigure each of them manually.

Name Description
Let's Encrypt Add-on to secure application with custom SSL for free
Fail2ban Add-on for advanced application security with automated firewall rules tuning
Managed Haproxy Load Balancer Add-on to complement environment with auto-configured Docker Haproxy LB container
Managecat Add-on to install Managecat administration console to manage and monitor Tomcat-based app servers

Complex Ready-to-Go Solutions

Jelastic also provides you with a set of ready-to-go preconfigured CS packages for some of the most popular solutions’ deployment and CI/CD integration. All of them can be used without any additional changes and provide all of the options for being properly tuned according to your needs.

Name Description
Minio Cluster Highly reliable S3-compatible storage
Glassfish Cluster Highly available GlassFish cluster on Docker containers with scalable Worker Nodes amount
Payara Micro Cluster Java-based app server cluster with autoscaling and session replication
CI from Git Repo Automated CI from private GIT repository with authentication via private SSH key
WildFly Continuous Deployment Bundle of WildFly application server and Maven build node for CD from GIT
PostgreSQL Cluster PostgreSQL Cluster with preconfigured Master-Slave replication
MariaDB Cluster MariaDB Cluster with preconfigured Master-Slave replication
MySQL Cluster MySQL Cluster with preconfigured different replication types
Cyclos 4 Auto-deployed Cyclos 4 online bancking solution

Сheck out even more awesome open source solutions within our JPS Collection at GitHub (continuously updating). All the given packages are completely free to use and, simultaneously, represent a good basis to learn about the Cloud Scripting possibilities.

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